Saturday, 11 October 2014

11 October 2014

I have been playing with MDF Lasercuts from That Craft Place again.  This time it is a beach inspired piece of 3D Wall Art.  It is interesting to see the sea in all its moods and how the colours change accordingly. I have chosen winter as my theme.   

Again, I have used chalk finish paints and small glass beads to represent the pebbles.  Our beach consists of pebbles but there is sand when the tide is sufficiently far out.  It matters not, on a bright summer's day you cannot see the beach for bodies!

We do occasionally get snow and it is quite fun to see a snowman on the beach.
There is usually enough flotsam around to decorate him, especially if there has been a storm.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Chalk acrylic paints seem to be everywhere just now.  Got mine out this month and had a lot of fun using them with MDF Laser Cuts and stencils by That Craft Place

Firstly, with Halloween coming up I created a small canvas.  The inspiration for this came from Barbara Gray and the stamps from my rubber stamp stash.

I had a great time with this next piece; an MDF shadow box on a Christmas theme.  These an be purchased with or without extra pieces.  The extras in this case were the stars and sleigh.  The trees were stamped with Claritystamp fir tree and the decoration for the one to the far right came from some ribbon I bought in Lidl.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

04 September 2014

Played with a super stencil by Lisa Horton of That Crafty Place and ended up making a journal page, as you do. The radio was playing in the background and although not really listening to it, something stuck in my head I think it is called an ear worm!  Anyway, it was a track from my youth that is also the signature track from one of the CSI series and that lead me to the stamp I used: Manfwed by Neil Walker.  Who is Manfwed?  Who knows?  Here he is:

Monday, 25 August 2014

25 August 2014

My very first entry in my new blog!  I am very new to this and not quite sure what I am doing so please be patient all of you who have been encouraging me to enter the bloggesphere.  You know who you are.

Today is August Bank Holiday Monday and it has been the wettest I can remember.  Thought I might spend the day working on a piece of mixed media wall art to be revealed later.  It is coming along nicely and it occurred to me that it would be good to show it so, the blog is born.

I am a fan of Helen Chilton and was inspired by her article in the September issue of Craft Stamper using Lynne Perella stamps and Fresco paints by PaperArtsy.  This was done using the a tissue paper technique and I made, or rather decorated, a box and then instead of making cards as suggested in the article, I incorporated the artwork into a journal.  Here are the photos:

The box

The lid with the framed decal

and the journal page