Saturday, 11 October 2014

11 October 2014

I have been playing with MDF Lasercuts from That Craft Place again.  This time it is a beach inspired piece of 3D Wall Art.  It is interesting to see the sea in all its moods and how the colours change accordingly. I have chosen winter as my theme.   

Again, I have used chalk finish paints and small glass beads to represent the pebbles.  Our beach consists of pebbles but there is sand when the tide is sufficiently far out.  It matters not, on a bright summer's day you cannot see the beach for bodies!

We do occasionally get snow and it is quite fun to see a snowman on the beach.
There is usually enough flotsam around to decorate him, especially if there has been a storm.


  1. Happy New Year to you, Mickie!
    Gorgeous winterish piece!

  2. Hi Mickie, my name is Rachel and I am very excited to say that I have won your Zini giveaway, I'm not sure how I contact you privately and give you my address. I did send the Craft Barn an email but haven't heard back from them. Please help.... thank you

  3. You created a lovely scenery, Mickie. I cannot imagine a snowman on the beach :-)